About Me

Hi! Welcome to my blog. I am Sananda Bhattacharya, a writer by profession and fishkeeper by passion. Here’s what inspired me to start thepetfish.com. First, go way back to when I was just a lil kid.

Since childhood, I have had a keen interest in the fishing and fish world. In my prior professional experience as a creative consultant, I have worked with a big advertising agency. I have contributed widely to big projects that comprised animal conservation and related concerns. I have earned a master’s degree in Humanities from the University of Calcutta, and I am very passionate about fish and fish keeping. I believe that educating people is important about how to keep a fish carefully and safely. With a background in the humanities, I believe in the power of creativity through writing and its expression. Therefore, I try to commit my precious time researching fishes and their kind.

My commitment is to advance others sharing interests, suggestions about these aquatic species. In addition, I aim to educate the reader on the critical and varied kinds of decisions about keeping fish at their home. Conservation and creating a balance in the aquatic ecosystem is the need of the hour, so my main motive with this blog is to share knowledge and spread awareness.

The key reason for my interest in fishkeeping

Recalling my childhood days reminds me of my school trip to an aquarium where I got intrigued looking at the specimen of the blue Thai silk flower horn. I remember how delighted I was post-trip, and immediately I decided to welcome a new pet into my house. It was a Goldfish that became my best friend. Since then, my interest has grown, and I genuinely decided to share my understanding and research with the world through my blog.

I am here to give you information and answer all your queries about fish and fishkeeping, and please feel free to ask anything. 

XO Sananda